Discover Rnb Rising Star: August Alsina (Interview) .

Publié: février 1, 2013 dans Music, News
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Def Jam’s new artist August Alsina was interviewed by HipHop-n-More. He talks about his deal, debut album, upcoming mixtape The Product II, his dream collaboration and more.

Here is the interview:

HHNM: For those who don’t know about you, please introduce yourself.

August: I’m August Alsina and I’m just a young n***a putting my heart and soul into this music sh*t.

HHNM: How did your deal with Def Jam happen? Tell us about the story.


August: Well, it happened through Karen Kwak at Def Jam and she was following my movement for a while. She’s the head of A&R there. I went to Def Jam to see her and played some of my music. She really liked it and introduced me to the rest of the team in the building and we decided to sign on. The-Dream is the VP of A&R there and he really f***ed with the music so he will be co-executive producing my album.

HHNM: Awesome. You are currently working on your new mixtape ‘The Product 2′. What can we expect from it?

August: Yeah man, I just put the first single out ‘I Luv This Sh*t‘ featuring Trinidad Jame$ and the reaction has been really good. I’ve worked really hard on this project. In fact, I just got up after a real late night session at the studio. You can just expect honest and real music from this project. There will be much more original material this time. Last time onThe Product, we had some remixes but fans wanted more original material so we’re doing that this time.

HHNM: What plans do you have for your debut album? When can we expect to hear it?

August: The ideal time will be the time which is right. I don’t have any time frame in mind as I’m moving step by step but it will be really dope.

HHNM: Who are some of the artists and producers you are currently working with for your upcoming mixtape and album?

August: I don’t want to put any names out there since we’re still working on that but Trinidad James is of course there. I have a song with Curen$y that’s really dope. For the album too, I like to keep it pretty much in house with Noontime (UNLTD). KnuckleHead produced that ‘I Luv This Sh*t’. I have couple of more people I work with regularly. Oh yeah, Jazze Pha played me some hot sh*t recently so be on the lookout.

HHNM: Oh wow, Jazze Pha. He’s been a MIA lately.

August: (Laughs) Yeah, but he’s got some shit though. Hopefully, he’ll be back in action killin sh*t.

HHNM: Do you think your hometown New Orleans influences your music in any manner?

August: In every way man, it influences my music. From topics I sing about to you know just the way I deliver it to what I hear and what I want sound like.

HHNM: I often see people comparing you to Trey Songz because of some similarity in delivery. Do you mind all that ?

August: Shout out to Trey for one man. As long as you compare me to somebody successful, I’m cool with that (laughs). Two, we’re two totally different artists and have different lanes. I don’t mind it but people haven’t really seen what I do. You can say that now but when I drop this sh*t, they will get a feel of who I really am. You will then know the difference clearly.

HHNM: Who are some of your influences?

August: I mean, I listen to a lot of people but I’m not gonna say any names because people are really sensitive these days. But really my biggest influence of all is not even solely based on music. It’s about life for me, what I’ve been through. My biggest influence is my brother, Rest In Peace to him. Without what I had to go through with him? I wouldn’t be here at all right now.

HHNM: What’s your dream collaboration? Which artist do you really want to work with?

August: Jeezy. I f**k with Jeezy.

HHNM: Now that I’m thinking, that will be a dope collaboration.

August: Yeah, I got some sh*t for Jeezy. I’m just waiting for the right time. He’s been the n***a that has inspired me, the hustle and the ambition.

HHNM: Nice. Well, that was nice talking to you. If there’s anything you want to say or give any shout-outs, please go ahead.

August: Lookout for The Product 2 man, I’ve been putting my all into it. It should be dropping in March. Make sure you check out that new single ‘I Luv This Sh*t’ with Trinidad James. We’ve shot the video and I’m going through the edits now. We should be putting that out this month. Follow me on Twitter: @AugustAlsina. I appreciate all the support man, peace.


Check out this hot track by A.Alsina :




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