Ja Rule Released From Prison, Still Has To Finish Serving Tax Evasion Sentence

Publié: février 21, 2013 dans Uncategorized
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Ja Rule Released From Prison, Still Has To Finish Serving Tax Evasion Sentence

a Rule was released from prison this morning, but has some time remaining on his 28-month sentence for tax evasion.

Ja Rule has been serving time in jail since his 2011 charge of possession of an illegal firearm, however, now the rapper is on the verge of freedom. Although his sentence was shortened for good behavior, he’s not done repaying his debt to society yet– after being released from prison he is going straight into federal custody for tax evasion charges.

The Murder Inc. rapper was escorted out of the Mid-State Correctional Facility this morning at 9:30 A.M., but it remains unclear where he will serve time for his tax case.

For tax evasion, Ja was supposed to serve a 28-month sentence which was set to run concurrently with his other sentence. It is reported that the rapper may only have six months left to serve for tax evasion, which he may possibly serve in a half-way house. Defense attorney Stacey Richman says that an order to pay back the $1.1 million in back taxes is one of the reasons why Ja is so anxious to be done with his legal problems and get back to work.

Ja Rule, who began serving time in June of 2011, is getting out at his earliest possible release date, according to state correction spokeswoman Linda Foglia. She says he was on his best behavior in prison, apart from two misbehavior reports for unauthorized phone calls, he had assignments on lawn and grounds crews, and participated in education programs.



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