This is Kanye at his worst for this industry but as Fans we love how he gets Real out of the blue.

“I got love for Hov, but I aint fucking with that Suit & Tie”
“I don’t give a f**k what the president got to say”
“I’ve never won a Grammy against a white person.”
“Remind me again why the Grammys can suck my d***.”

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« The rumored Google Glasses are finally here as Google announces the Google Glass. The Google Glass is operated on voice recognition that keeps the Glass hands free at all times. Words don’t do this device justice in the dopeness department so check the Google Glass out above.  »


« Atlanta, GA — Daniel Blumen’s Bar Mitzvah is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, and he wants you to save the date.
So he recorded this professional level rap video to remind you. So far, Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah music video has about 70,000 page views so hopefully his parents rented a large hall for the party.
As Daniel, who judging by his gear appears to be a big fan of the Atlanta Braves and Falcons, raps in the video,
“Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play, hoping you can make my Bar Mitzvah day,
“13 years since I was born, and the party won’t stop until Sunday morn.”
The Bar Mitzvah is the traditional coming-of-age religious ceremony (usually at age 13) in Judaism followed by a celebration that can be relatively modest like a birthday party or as elaborate and over the top as a wedding reception, or somewhere in between.
Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah rap video is apparently a remake of the “Welcome to Atlanta” music video by Ludacris. Daniel’s mom Liz said that her son “familiarized himself with the song (the clean version) and began writing the lyrics with a little help from the family’s Bar Mitzvah DJ,” according to ABC News. The Atlanta footage featuring various city landmarks was reportedly shot in one day.
Daniel — or at least his parents who are attorneys in a big Atlanta law firm — seems to be well connected to some of Atlanta’s movers and shakers who make cameo appearances in the video. And if this professional music video invite is any indication, who knows how much his parents will be shelling out on the Bar Mitzvah reception itself, including as Daniel says, “straight kosher munchin’ .”
Daniel’s father Rick wouldn’t reveal how much the rap video production cost, but added that “it was not expensive. The paper invitations are more expensive, and they are not fancy,” according to the Atlanta Journal »

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Wale Gets Into Argument With Fans.

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« Wale gets into another argument, this time with some fans requesting photos with the rapper in an undisclosed parking lot.

Wale just caught some attention for approaching the announcer’s booth at a recent Wizards game. The rapper confronted the announcers of the game after they made some remarks which he took personally. A video surfaced today that found the DC rapper once again in an argument, this time with some fans who spotted him in a a parking lot.

Wale can be seen yelling, “come do something,” at a fan as he gets into his vehicle. The unnamed fan responds with a comment indicating he was simply “A nigga just trying to take a picture of your bitch ass!” the man yells. “Your motherfucking boss a C.O. nigga!”

There is no documentation of what took place before the shouting match, and the location has yet to be confirmed.

The MMG rapper took to twitter yesterday to defend his confrontational behavior from the last few days.

View the tweets as well as some footage of the argument below. »


James Harden murders his former team with a career high.